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USA 2016

Nat had the pleasure of hooking up with incredible producer Fred Mollin (Johnny Mathis, Sheryl Crow, Jo Harman) recently while in Nashville, TN - Fred is an absolute legend and a true gent! Fred sites Nat as "A great guitarist' and Nat sincerely hopes to work with Fred in the near future! Nat and his wife, Esther also got to hang with Fred and some of his friends, including the legendary Michael McDonald - Michael is a lovely man with a big heart and to see him perform live was an amazing experience - 110%(!) all the way!! Nat and Esther also chatted with Michael's Wife Amy Holland (a wonderful vocalist in her own right, check out her new album produced by Fred Mollin - 'Light On My Path' ) and the incredible Christopher Cross who guested with America (The Band) and Michael McDonald at the show!  Nat also got to chat with the awesome Bill Worrell (lead guitarist for America), what a guitar player! Nat also met and chatted with Keith Dixon (Willie Dixon's Grandson!) from Willie Dixon's Blues Heaven Foundation. Keith was a lovely bloke and had many great stories including some fantastic anecdotes about the legendary Chuck berry! Check out all the USA pictures here in the NMB gallery. Phew! What an amazing trip!!


Acollins hotfunk

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Previous events

The Nat Martin Band - supporting Jo Harman

The Tunnels, Bristol, England

Support slot for Jo Harman - for ticket sales and info, call 0117 929 0108 or follow the link

The Nat Martin Band - supporting Jo Harman

Ucheldre Arts, Holyhead, North Wales

Support slot for Jo Harman - for ticket sales and info, call the Box Office 01407 76336

Paul Jones airplay

Nmb paul jones shot
Follow this link to hear a track from our new EP 'Time is a Healer' on The Paul Jones Show - Many thanks to Paul Jones and to Paul Long for making this possible!

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